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Latest News

Broiler Price Change Jan 24 2016

Effective January 24, 2016 to March 19, 2016 the minimum price paid to farmers for a live chicken broiler weighing 1.65kg to 2.2kg is $1.5893. This is an decrease of 2.35 cents/kg from A-134. Complete Bulletin

2014 Broiler Production Levels and Price

The average production level in 2014 was marginally lower than 2013.  Levels stayed on trend, rising through the summer months then declining through the fall to year end.  The average live price was 4.3% lower in 2014 compared to 2013. …

2014 Broiler Quota Utilization

The average quota utilization for A121 to A127 was 100.6%.  This is essentially unchanged from 2013.  The national average was 100.09%.  Manitoba’s overproduction in period 127 resulted in a penalty assessment of by Chicken Farmers of Canada. ALLOCATION ACTUAL UTILIZATION …

2014 Hatching Egg Production

Domestic egg production in 2014 was down 1.2% from 2013. Domestic egg hatchability improved slightly to 82%.  Imported eggs increased 3.85% in 2014 after having dropped 20.5% in 2013.   Imported chicks dropped by over 70% compared to 2013.  The …

Industry Overview 2014

IN MANITOBA Manitoba had 24 hatching egg producers and 115 registered broiler (meat) chicken producers. Over 97% of all registered hatching egg and chicken farms in Manitoba are family owned and operated. Broiler Hatching Eggs The average size for a …