This is Canadian Agricultural Safety Week – a time to focus on the industry that is one of the most dangerous in Manitoba.

Not only producers, but their employees and their families have been affected by farming accidents – and that’s what the new Manitoba Farm Safety Program, which got off the ground last month, aims to address.

“The purpose of the program is to provide awareness and tools to farmers, and assist them in managing their farms safely,” said Keith Castonguay, program director.  “We want to develop a solid safety culture so that safety components are built into all farm activities.

“We will be providing practical hands-on services – and that already includes an on-site safety advisor who works with farm businesses to identify and address farm risks, and helps them comply with provincial safety regulations. We also provide monitoring for dangerous chemical and noise, and will evolve into safety awareness training for farm workers and supervisors, hazard-specific training and sector-specific workshops.”

Castonguay says the best way farmers can acknowledge Farm Safety Week is to book an on-site visit with the program’s safety advisor, Morag Marjerison. The service is free, confidential and not operated by government. Farmers can call her at 204-570-3290.

The Farm Safety Program is funded federally and provincially under the Growing Forward 2 policy framework, with support from Safe Work Manitoba.

For more information: Keith Castonguay, program director – 204-697-1140, ext 6