About Manitoba Chicken Producers

Purpose Statement: To advocate for the sustainability of our farmers so that we can continue to provide a healthy, safe and nutritious supply of chicken to our communities.

We are a provincial, farmer-run, organization whose main responsibility is to ensure that Manitoba farmers produce enough hatching eggs and meat chickens to meet the needs of the marketplace. The system we operate under is commonly known as supply management or orderly marketing.

Our organization is completely funded through levies paid by registered farmers according to the number of eggs and kilograms of chicken marketed. We do not receive any government subsidies, grants, or other taxpayer monies.

Our directions and policies are determined by a eight member board of directors that meets regularly. The board is made up of chicken farmers elected from each of the six chicken producing districts, and two hatching egg farmers elected to represent the hatching egg producers.

The board of directors meets with hatcheries, and with provincial processors, to determine the needs of the marketplace and to set the minimum prices paid to farmers. We do not set wholesale or retail chicken prices.

We also regulate hatching egg and chicken production in Manitoba. Farmers require a quota allotment for hatching eggs and meat chickens. We allocate quota, set production levels and monitor production on each farm.

Another key responsibility is to ensure that the voice of Manitoba hatching egg and chicken farmers is heard on the provincial, national and international scene.

We promote the consumption of Manitoba chicken, and act as an information resource for anyone interested in buying or using Manitoba chicken.

We were established in 1968 under the Natural Products Marketing Act of the provincial government (now known as the Farm Products Marketing Act). We are members of the national hatching egg agency, Canadian Hatching Egg Producers, and the national chicken farmer organization, Chicken Farmers of Canada.

Our office is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and is staffed by 7 employees.

In accordance with the federal government’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), Manitoba Chicken Producers takes a number of steps to safeguard the collection, use, and disclosure of farmer information.  We do not share farmer information with the public or media. To further understand how we manage our PIPEDA obligations please review our Privacy Policy.

Contact information:

1357 Kenaston Boulevard Winnipeg MB R3P 2P2
Tel: 204 489 4603
Fax: 204 488 1163

2019-2020 Board of Directors
District 5 – Jake Wiebe, Chair
District 1 – Stuart Nikkel, Vice Chair
District 2 – Claudia Wollmann, KAP Alternate Representative
District 3 – Ted Froese, CFC Director
District 4 – Josie Boschman, CFC Alternate Director
District 6 – Benny Waldner, PACC Representative
District 7A – Dean Penner, Hatching Egg Director, CHEP Director
District 7B – Murray Klassen,Hatching Egg Director, CHEP Alternate Director, KAP Representative

Wayne Hiltz, Executive Director
Erica Poudrette, Executive Assistant – Farm Transactions, Special Projects
Gina Sunderland, Food and Consumer Relations Specialist
Vallene Weeks, Field Services Manager – On Farm Programs & Live Animal Displays
Rachel Plett, Field Services Technician – On Farm Programs & Live Animal Displays
Lucinda Reay, Production Control Manager, Emergency Coordinator
Victoria Kurtz, Office Coordinator

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